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People talk about how to motivate your successline. No one motivates anyone for more than a very short time. Motivation has to come from within. You can set an example. You can encourage people to read about and listen to people who have accomplished a lot or accomplished things that no one would expect that they could have. You can put a person in a position where they are exposed to motivating ideas. It is like leading a horse to water, you can expose them, but you cannot motivate them.
You can, however, help someone realize that things that they did not know were within their reach are reachable. You can let them know that you will assist them to find the tools they need to reach their goals. You can help them decide on goals. You can talk in a positive way and teach them to do the same. You can cheer them on. Eric Lofholm talks to us about creating a space for a goal. Before he began talking about creating spaces, I didn’t even realize that such a thing was possible. Many of those we work with also do not realize what is possible. We can help them realize that.
But, if someone is not motivated and has no real desire to become motivated, WALK AWAY. We cannot help everyone. This is exemplified by the expression: “Some will, some won’t, so what?”. It is also said: “You may as well try to motivate a tree.” So we go out there day by day with a great gift to offer to those who wish to receive it.


Hitting the grand slam

Today is father’s day and many people are watching baseball. One of the highest successes you can have in baseball is to hit a grand slam. It does happen that some players hit a grand slam their first at bat. But even then, many years of preparation went into that hit. It didn’t just happen.
I just read a story in Chicken Soup for the Soul (http://www.chickensoup.com/newsletter/45600/okay-fine-my-father-was-right&utm_source=CSS_Email&utm_medium=Bulletin&utm_term=$DATEADDED/NA$&utm_content=$MISC1/NA$&utm_campaign=daily) about a young man who grew up in privilege due to the hard work of his father. He expected everything to be given to him. To hit the grand slam without the years of preparation. It didn’t happen. It will never happen. Overnight success is preceded with many years of work to build up to that point.
People do not usually recognize that work. You know you have worked hard. Others seldom realize it. To succeed, we have to put in the ground work. Do the studying, learn about our product or service, make the calls, keep at it. Appreciate it when you see someone get the grand slam in their business, but do not be jealous. As is said in our company: those who do, get! Plod along day after day. Enjoy it. This is what will build your success. When you have achieved it, many will look on not realizing how much work you have put into it. But you know. And so do others who are also working along their pathway.

Monday Marketing – Facebook Advertising

We can buy paid advertising on facebook. Organic opportunities are much better for several reasons besides the fact that they are free: The allow you to reach an audience that might never be aware of your existence. They can be interesting, encouraging people to click on and read them instead of clicking away from them as soon as possible. The opportunities may show up at any time, expected, or not.
Yesterday I did a blog post on reframing : https://exploringsuccesswithaflanders.wordpress.com/2014/06/08/attitudes-for-success-sunday-reframing/ This was followed last night by Brock Holt’s catch in left field (http://nesn.com/2014/06/red-sox-notes-brock-holt-still-ignites-boston-upon-moving-to-outfield/ ). I was able to take this to an organic advertisement for my blog posting:
What does “in left field” usually mean? To be way off the mark. Well, reframe. Brock was in the left field for the first time in his professional career. He made a fabulous catch, bounced off the fence and almost went flying, but he HELD ONTO the Ball. Success means even if you are out in left field, hold onto the ball!
What seeds will be planted here? Will I ever know the extent of it? No.