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Hitting the grand slam

Today is father’s day and many people are watching baseball. One of the highest successes you can have in baseball is to hit a grand slam. It does happen that some players hit a grand slam their first at bat. But even then, many years of preparation went into that hit. It didn’t just happen.
I just read a story in Chicken Soup for the Soul (http://www.chickensoup.com/newsletter/45600/okay-fine-my-father-was-right&utm_source=CSS_Email&utm_medium=Bulletin&utm_term=$DATEADDED/NA$&utm_content=$MISC1/NA$&utm_campaign=daily) about a young man who grew up in privilege due to the hard work of his father. He expected everything to be given to him. To hit the grand slam without the years of preparation. It didn’t happen. It will never happen. Overnight success is preceded with many years of work to build up to that point.
People do not usually recognize that work. You know you have worked hard. Others seldom realize it. To succeed, we have to put in the ground work. Do the studying, learn about our product or service, make the calls, keep at it. Appreciate it when you see someone get the grand slam in their business, but do not be jealous. As is said in our company: those who do, get! Plod along day after day. Enjoy it. This is what will build your success. When you have achieved it, many will look on not realizing how much work you have put into it. But you know. And so do others who are also working along their pathway.