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It is not about me (or you)

An attitude adjustment we need to make is to realize that it isn’t about me. It isn’t about me in a lot of ways. When I was taking a new recruit door to door in a trailer park in Brunswick, a lady opened the door, took the book, then threw it in the girl’s face. This is the ONLY time that this has happened. It was not about me. It was not about the girl who got the book thrown at her. It was not even about the product that we were selling. It might not have even been about the fact that we were going door to door. We have no way of knowing. Might have been a bad day. Might have been anything. But, whatever it was, it had to do only with the lady who threw the book. It was not about us.
When we are talking to a prospect or a customer, it is not about us. It is about the customer or prospect. It is ALWAYS about the other person. Always. It might be a great time. It might not be a good time at all. If we can, we should try to find out how that person is feeling. Are they interested? Are they perhaps interested, but right now is not a good time. Are they only slightly interested? Do they perhaps feel as one lady put it to me, “You are wasting your time and mine!”. It was not about me. And I did not waste any more of her time. Ever.
It is so tempting to start telling the other person how wonderful the products are, or how wonderful you are. How well you are doing. Hey, I am happy you are doing great. And I am happy the products are fabulous. Fine. But, find out if I need your product. I am not interested in why you think I need your product, I am interested in deciding myself that I want and can use your product.
So, be friendly, put your best foot forward, in the door if you want. But, always remember, it is about the customer or prospect. It is not about you. If you do, you will have more customers and prospects.