And how many times

I gained a helper who worked at a telephone company in Lewiston. How did I find her? I had an ad in the paper. I had put a packet on her door. I walked into her office. When I walked into her office to present a book to her, she told me that she had read the ad and that I had put a book on her door. By the time I also walked into her office, she was ready to say yes. Didn’t want to sign up, but was my helper for several years.
I have a helper who works in a telephone office in Portland now. She lives in Lewiston. I found her by leaving a packet on her door. Her husband felt that if I was willing to go out leaving packets on doors, I should be the one she buys from. She has been my helper for a couple of years. Again, she has no desire to sign up, but I am glad to have helpers. Have a check from her in my wallet right now.
Most people leave a packet or a book on a door once. If they leave one at all! Research has found that you need between 2 and 6 contacts (called touches) before someone responds. These touches might all be of the same type. It is better if they can be of different kinds. Radio, door to door, phone, newspaper or online advertisements, facebook, notes on bulletin boards. I am sure that I am leaving some methods out. As on acquaintance said to me one time – you are everywhere. I really wasn’t everywhere, but it was good that she thought so.
Just remember, give that person many touches. You do not know when they may become ready. Also, a person may want to order, but they are busy. They misplace or throw away your book. Then when they want to order, they don’t remember who you are. Keep touching them and eventually either they will order or join or they will tell you not to waste any more books because they really are not interested.


How do you become teachable

We are told that if we wish to succeed, we must be teachable. Ok, what does that mean? It means that we must keep an open mind. It also means that we have decisions to make. When we are approached with a method of doing something, or a new way to look at something, we can discard it just because it is someone else’s ideas, not ours. I know plenty of people who make decisions this way. Fine. They have a right to make decisions the way they want. They will also never know success, because success requires another mind set.
A new idea or way of doing something shows up. How to be teachable? Listen carefully and watch what is done. Think about it. Go into the why. Is there a reason why it is done that way? If you are not sure, ask. Don’t judge, but ask. After you have investigated then compare that method or idea to what you are presently doing. If it is better in substantial ways, change the way you are doing things. If your way still seems better for whatever reasons you have decided that it is better, then don’t change. Being teachable means being open to learning. It does not mean that you must change. But, just because your method is best for you does not mean that it is automatically better for the other person. If they are also teachable, they will evaluate your method or idea also and they will change if you have the better one for them.
A post to look at to see ways to be teachable can be found from, by Luminita D. Saviuc:

Success requires consistency and persistence

I delivered the Sun Journal every day except Christmas for 8 years. I took a few days off, but had to find a replacement any day I didn’t do it. Delivering for 3 to 4 hours every morning was a lot of walking. I lost weight. Because I had to do it. Because I had to be persistent. If I had only done it when I felt like it, I would not have had the results I had.
Looking for customers and recruits in network marketing is similar. We have different methods of looking. Some are better for some people and other methods are better for others. My favorite method was going door to door. I am not telling you that you have to go door to door, but the difference between what I usually did when going door to door and what I did when delivering the newspapers, I believe, is the difference between success and learning experiences.
The difference is simple. With the newspaper I had to go out. If I wanted to or if I did not. Didn’t matter, I had to go. Because I was consistent, persistent, I lost weight. With the door to door, usually I went if I felt like it. If I didn’t feel like it, I didn’t go. That does not work so well. If you need to loose weight, you need to exercise and watch your diet consistently and persistently. IF you are looking for recruits or customers, you also need to do it consistently and persistently.

How and who to ask for a referral

In looking for referrals one of the best ways to ask is to suggest a person who might be a good referral. This bypasses the objection of I don’t know anyone who would be interested. A suggestion could be a hairdresser, a beautician, or a waitress for a cosmetic referral. A laundry attendant, housecleaner, housewife (or househusband) or mechanic for a cleaning referral. A teacher or a nurse would be a good referral for just about any business.
Ask for a type of person: a teen, an elder, a new mother, someone who has lost a lot of weight, or someone who needs to. Look into what type of customer benefits and desires your product or service the most then narrow your search to that person. Would a particular ethnic group or religion be more interested? How about a policeman, a fireman, a soldier or their better half?
For specific events or holidays you might contact businesses about gift baskets, presents, bonuses. Do you offer gift wrapping? For nonprofit organizations you can have a fund raiser. Schools, Red Cross, United Way, local non profits. People who have suffered a loss. As you do the fundraiser, ask if someone would be interested in earning extra money.
When you are looking for referrals, remember that you want people to refer people to you. When in contact with another business, ask how you can help them. If they ask how they can help you in return, let them know you are interested in referrals and again, suggest what type of person you are looking for.

Monday Marketing – Facebook Advertising

We can buy paid advertising on facebook. Organic opportunities are much better for several reasons besides the fact that they are free: The allow you to reach an audience that might never be aware of your existence. They can be interesting, encouraging people to click on and read them instead of clicking away from them as soon as possible. The opportunities may show up at any time, expected, or not.
Yesterday I did a blog post on reframing : This was followed last night by Brock Holt’s catch in left field ( ). I was able to take this to an organic advertisement for my blog posting:
What does “in left field” usually mean? To be way off the mark. Well, reframe. Brock was in the left field for the first time in his professional career. He made a fabulous catch, bounced off the fence and almost went flying, but he HELD ONTO the Ball. Success means even if you are out in left field, hold onto the ball!
What seeds will be planted here? Will I ever know the extent of it? No.

Attitudes for Success Sunday – Reframing

How we feel about a situation depends more on what we think about it than most of us realize. We think a situation simply is. Everything we think or feel is tempered by our backgrounds. If we have been taught to blame something outside ourselves, we have no power to correct the situation. To either make life better or to appreciate the life we have more, sometimes we have to reframe it.
Reframing something means to take a situation and change our attitude toward it. The situation is not changed in any way. The only thing that changes is our thoughts and actions about it. Most uncomfortable things can be made better through reframing our thoughts and attitudes. An example:
Recently I received news that my vehicle would need major repairs that perhaps were worth more than the vehicle. I had just put $1000+ into it to get it inspected in May. So I thought of selling (or junking) it. I applied for a car anticipation loan. I was accepted. I called my insurance agent to get an idea what the insurance liability might be. It turned out that I could qualify for a used car with monthly expenses (payment and insurance) of $350 to $400. I went car hunting.
There were only one vehicle nearby that fit the qualifications I had been given. There was another car offered to me that I could pay for without a loan. I really didn’t want either one. Due to my job, a vehicle is NOT necessary. I can live without one. There is no public transportation out here, but I have permission to use her car. So I started thinking about it. I started reframing.
The options: Buy a car that perhaps I really don’t want and pay around $400 a month for the privilege. Go without a car and use hers. I have permission, but would be constantly aware that I WAS using HER car. Figure that I spent about $1500 in the last year on repairs for my van. $1500 is $125 a month. $1500 a year is a lot less than the $4800 a year I would have spent on the car. So, reframing it, I decided that at least for now, I will plan to save at least $125 a month to put into repairs and keep the van.
By reframing, by looking at things differently, my van looks a lot better than it did the day I was told of the work it needed.

Help the person do what they want to do.

Do not want for your business builder more than they want for themselves. I have been told this many times. Over and over I learn this lesson.
I will meet someone and after listening to them for a while I realize that they are “perfect” for my business. I know this. I can see how working with me will make their life so much better. Then I run into a slight problem. They do not see this. The harder I try to show them, the less they see it.
A children’s story tells us that a child, wanting to make friends with creatures of the wild, runs after them. Over and over he runs. The creatures without exception also run away from the curious and friendly child. Eventually he is told to sit down calmly and simply watch the animals that he has a chance to see. He does as he is told and sits. One at a time the animals, a deer, a rabbit, a raccoon, a bird, come over and start watching him. Eventually after many days of patiently sitting with the animals he is able to begin touching and patting them.
Listen to your business builder. What do THEY want? Does the person want to earn $150 to $300 extra a month to have a few luxuries? Help them to do that. Does the person want to build a business that will help the family with enough money to dependably pay bills? Show them how to do that. Does the person want to go all the way, build a large business and learn to help others build their businesses? Help them to do that. Do not go to the person who wants to earn the $150 and put pressure on them to build the large business. Doesn’t work that way.
As Zig Ziglar says, “If you help enough other people get what they want, you will get what you want”. The key is what THEY want, not what you want for them.