Being teachable. Being willing to listen. To what? Plenty of people will tell us what to do. How do we decide who to listen to. What we have been doing seems to work. Why change? Mentors will always be around. Which ones should I follow?
As technology changes, we also need to change. Some of us will follow each new method and become experts. Some of us will watch those who change and still do what is comfortable for us. Following every tangent would take too much time and energy away from building my businesses. We look for business builders to work with us, each one with his or her own talents. I prefer having people with talents in areas that I lack do that part of the business for me.
We are looking for leverage, the ability to have an hour of our time be worth more than an hour. As Eric Lofholm says, he can go into his recording room to make a disk. He might spend 10 hours making that disk. He reproduces it and sells or gives it away. It is listened to over 30,000 times. The disk is one hour long. He spent 10 hours making a disk that is only 1 hour long so he lost 9 hours, right? Nope. It was listened to for over 30,000 hours. He turned 10 hours into over 30,000 hours. IF that disk teaches those people and they teach others, how many hours has that 10 turned into? This is leverage. We find leverage by making disks that others listen to. We find leverage through other people spreading our message. We find leverage with blog posts that are read by many over the years.
Eric Lofholm is one of my mentors. I have spent over 200 hours listening to his teachings. He teaches us to have systems made up of tactics. Leverage is a tactics. Finding others to do things that we don’t know how to do, or don’t do well is a tactic. Being teachable is a basic attitude. It comes before all of the other systems and tactics because if we don’t pay attention to what works for others we cannot build our businesses.


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