And how many times

I gained a helper who worked at a telephone company in Lewiston. How did I find her? I had an ad in the paper. I had put a packet on her door. I walked into her office. When I walked into her office to present a book to her, she told me that she had read the ad and that I had put a book on her door. By the time I also walked into her office, she was ready to say yes. Didn’t want to sign up, but was my helper for several years.
I have a helper who works in a telephone office in Portland now. She lives in Lewiston. I found her by leaving a packet on her door. Her husband felt that if I was willing to go out leaving packets on doors, I should be the one she buys from. She has been my helper for a couple of years. Again, she has no desire to sign up, but I am glad to have helpers. Have a check from her in my wallet right now.
Most people leave a packet or a book on a door once. If they leave one at all! Research has found that you need between 2 and 6 contacts (called touches) before someone responds. These touches might all be of the same type. It is better if they can be of different kinds. Radio, door to door, phone, newspaper or online advertisements, facebook, notes on bulletin boards. I am sure that I am leaving some methods out. As on acquaintance said to me one time – you are everywhere. I really wasn’t everywhere, but it was good that she thought so.
Just remember, give that person many touches. You do not know when they may become ready. Also, a person may want to order, but they are busy. They misplace or throw away your book. Then when they want to order, they don’t remember who you are. Keep touching them and eventually either they will order or join or they will tell you not to waste any more books because they really are not interested.


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