How do you become teachable

We are told that if we wish to succeed, we must be teachable. Ok, what does that mean? It means that we must keep an open mind. It also means that we have decisions to make. When we are approached with a method of doing something, or a new way to look at something, we can discard it just because it is someone else’s ideas, not ours. I know plenty of people who make decisions this way. Fine. They have a right to make decisions the way they want. They will also never know success, because success requires another mind set.
A new idea or way of doing something shows up. How to be teachable? Listen carefully and watch what is done. Think about it. Go into the why. Is there a reason why it is done that way? If you are not sure, ask. Don’t judge, but ask. After you have investigated then compare that method or idea to what you are presently doing. If it is better in substantial ways, change the way you are doing things. If your way still seems better for whatever reasons you have decided that it is better, then don’t change. Being teachable means being open to learning. It does not mean that you must change. But, just because your method is best for you does not mean that it is automatically better for the other person. If they are also teachable, they will evaluate your method or idea also and they will change if you have the better one for them.
A post to look at to see ways to be teachable can be found from, by Luminita D. Saviuc:


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