Success requires consistency and persistence

I delivered the Sun Journal every day except Christmas for 8 years. I took a few days off, but had to find a replacement any day I didn’t do it. Delivering for 3 to 4 hours every morning was a lot of walking. I lost weight. Because I had to do it. Because I had to be persistent. If I had only done it when I felt like it, I would not have had the results I had.
Looking for customers and recruits in network marketing is similar. We have different methods of looking. Some are better for some people and other methods are better for others. My favorite method was going door to door. I am not telling you that you have to go door to door, but the difference between what I usually did when going door to door and what I did when delivering the newspapers, I believe, is the difference between success and learning experiences.
The difference is simple. With the newspaper I had to go out. If I wanted to or if I did not. Didn’t matter, I had to go. Because I was consistent, persistent, I lost weight. With the door to door, usually I went if I felt like it. If I didn’t feel like it, I didn’t go. That does not work so well. If you need to loose weight, you need to exercise and watch your diet consistently and persistently. IF you are looking for recruits or customers, you also need to do it consistently and persistently.


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