Monday Marketing – Facebook Advertising

We can buy paid advertising on facebook. Organic opportunities are much better for several reasons besides the fact that they are free: The allow you to reach an audience that might never be aware of your existence. They can be interesting, encouraging people to click on and read them instead of clicking away from them as soon as possible. The opportunities may show up at any time, expected, or not.
Yesterday I did a blog post on reframing : This was followed last night by Brock Holt’s catch in left field ( ). I was able to take this to an organic advertisement for my blog posting:
What does “in left field” usually mean? To be way off the mark. Well, reframe. Brock was in the left field for the first time in his professional career. He made a fabulous catch, bounced off the fence and almost went flying, but he HELD ONTO the Ball. Success means even if you are out in left field, hold onto the ball!
What seeds will be planted here? Will I ever know the extent of it? No.


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