Attitudes for Success Sunday – Reframing

How we feel about a situation depends more on what we think about it than most of us realize. We think a situation simply is. Everything we think or feel is tempered by our backgrounds. If we have been taught to blame something outside ourselves, we have no power to correct the situation. To either make life better or to appreciate the life we have more, sometimes we have to reframe it.
Reframing something means to take a situation and change our attitude toward it. The situation is not changed in any way. The only thing that changes is our thoughts and actions about it. Most uncomfortable things can be made better through reframing our thoughts and attitudes. An example:
Recently I received news that my vehicle would need major repairs that perhaps were worth more than the vehicle. I had just put $1000+ into it to get it inspected in May. So I thought of selling (or junking) it. I applied for a car anticipation loan. I was accepted. I called my insurance agent to get an idea what the insurance liability might be. It turned out that I could qualify for a used car with monthly expenses (payment and insurance) of $350 to $400. I went car hunting.
There were only one vehicle nearby that fit the qualifications I had been given. There was another car offered to me that I could pay for without a loan. I really didn’t want either one. Due to my job, a vehicle is NOT necessary. I can live without one. There is no public transportation out here, but I have permission to use her car. So I started thinking about it. I started reframing.
The options: Buy a car that perhaps I really don’t want and pay around $400 a month for the privilege. Go without a car and use hers. I have permission, but would be constantly aware that I WAS using HER car. Figure that I spent about $1500 in the last year on repairs for my van. $1500 is $125 a month. $1500 a year is a lot less than the $4800 a year I would have spent on the car. So, reframing it, I decided that at least for now, I will plan to save at least $125 a month to put into repairs and keep the van.
By reframing, by looking at things differently, my van looks a lot better than it did the day I was told of the work it needed.


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