Farming vs Fishing and Hunting

   There are many experts out there on network marketing. There are also many wannabees. Recruiting is very important. First you try your friends and family. Sick of that comment yet? So are most people in network marketing which I will abbreviate as NM from here on. The two most common methods have very different mindsets. Both can work. I will explain the difference and which one I prefer.

   Hunting (or fishing, whichever you prefer) involves going out and “catching someone” as in I got one!  A method that has been taught to me many times is to go to a store or other location with plenty of people and start approaching people. And ask. Way out of my comfort zone. Ok, so we are supposed to expand our comfort zone. I have been kicked out of places like malls using that method. As Lisa Wilber says. “If you have never gotten in trouble doing something to build your business, you are not trying hard enough”. She is very successful and I have learned many ideas from her. But, I am not a hunter.

I am a farmer. And I really was, I spent over 30 years raising goats, pigs, chickens and rabbits. And that is what I was doing when I was first introduced to NM. Farming means to plant and tend a garden. Your harvest will come with good care, time, and patience. You did not “catch it”. Animal farming relates. You take good care of the adult animal, patiently (sometimes) wait for the birth, then raise the offspring until they are ready. In NM farming means things like going door to door (absolutely not necessary in this day and age, but something I like to do), introducing yourself and your product if someone answers and leaving info if no one answers. Most people will throw the info in the trash. That is fine. I am only interested in finding those who want to be found. As I said, it takes time and patience. One time I had left a book on a door in South Portland in April. In October I got a call from a woman in Saco (about 40 miles away). She had mentioned to a coworker that she was thinking about signing up for my NM company. The other woman explained that she had info at home. The next day she brought the package I had left on her door to work. Two days later I drove to Saco to sign up my new recruit.

Which method works better for you? Can you give me a couple of examples of what might work or not work?


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