Who cares?

I am listening to Bruce Turkel talk about listening to Mr. Bacardi of Bacardi Rum tell why he thought people bought Bacardi.  Mr. Bacardi was not looking at it from the point of view of the customers. He was looking at it from his own point of view. Mr. Turkel talks about G-MOOT (Get Me One Of Those). So you go get one. Maybe it is twitter, maybe an I-Pad. And then it sits there. Because you didn’t have a plan on how this tool was to be used to build your business.   Tactics without a strategy is the path to failure. Don’t go get the tools, figure out your strategy and how the tools will help you with it. Who am I going to sell to? What do they want? Who Cares? Figure that out before you do anything else. http://www.burg.com/2013/09/bruce-turkel-why-your-brand-is-not-about-you/?inf_contact_key=763ef0ab80f9aa7e055b83a5706cb516956e33b0a8c00a9b5642a9f5d209ff1c


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