I read Corey Jahnke’s post this morning: http://gogivercoach.com/coreyjahnke/2013/09/when-the-story-gets-even-lousier/  He talks about being in front of an audience and judging them on their apparent age. He is a pharmacist so it was reasonable for him to think that maybe the topic they wished him to talk about was medicine. He had not been given a topic and usually liked to speak on the “7 Laws of Leading In the 21st Century”.

   Should he judge this audience and change his usual topic to suit what he thought they probably wanted? Or should he give the speech he would have given if he had not judged them. As you may know, Matthew 7:1 tells us not to judge if we do not wish to be judged. He discusses the various categories he can be put in as well as those that could apply to his audience. He wants to be treated as an individual, not just a member of a group. He gave the speech on leadership to a raving audience.


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